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5-Minute Fix


What to save hundreds of dollars in 5 minutes?

Step 1: Find a recent credit card or bank statement. The kind of thing most of us through in a filing cabinet without looking at it.

bank statment

Step 2: Quickly read down the list of charges and mark 1 or 2 items that you don't recognize or you forgot you signed up for. In my case, the great deal to have a subscription for a water heater maintenance that I have continued paying even though they haven't actually fixed anything in 2 years.

dollar reading

Step 3: Make 1 phone call. This could be to your bank or credit card company asking what this charge is for. This could be to the company you have the subscription with cancelling the service.

dollar making phone call

Even $5 or $10 of savings per month will end up saving you hundreds, and you won't even notice it, because you forgot you even had the subscription.

stack of money