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How much coverage do you have?



So what does it mean if you have 50/100/25 coverage?

These numbers refer to your liability coverage, which covers the people in the other car, not yourself. The first number, 50, refers to the $50,000 of insurance you have for bodily injury per person, for those who are not in your car during an accident.


If more than one person is injured, you will have $100,000 total to cover bodily injury for everyone who is not in your car per accident. So if three people are injured and each has medical bills of $50,000, you will still only get $100,000 - that is your cap.

Lastly, the 25 refers to the $25,000 worth of coverage you have on property that you might damage in an accident. While these can sound like big numbers, they are usually not really enough to cover serious injuries.