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Surviving Debt Wisdom part 2


When bills have piled up and there is no way to pay, it can be very tempting to ignore it as best you can.


The truth is, there are almost always options, and you take them away from yourself if you let decisions be made for you.


If you are taken to court for a debt. The most important thing you can do is show up.

court house

If you don't show up, They will win the case by default.

"Debt buyers are paper tigers. They may fold if you raise good defenses and counterclaims... just by contesting the case you can lead them to dropping the lawsuit." (Surviving Debt pg. 34)

Often simply showing up and asking those sueing you to produce the documents that they should have in order is enough to stop things from proceding.



Surviving Debt: Expert Advice for Getting Out of Debt from the National Consumer Law Center