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Beware of offers to help you get out of debt!


So you are in debt, and not sure how to handle it.

credit card debt

You get a call from an organization that can fix your problems!


You need money, and they are ready to pay you thousands a week while you work from home!

![magical money](/images/magic money.jpg)

You are looking to fix your credit, and for a small monthly payment, they are going to raise your credit score!

fixed credit score

Beware! legitimate sources of help will not find you. You have to go to them. Beware of services that go looking for you. These services will take your money and leave you in a worse situation than before!

![sad or mad person](/images/no magic money.jpg)

Sometimes, they may even leave you with fewer options than you had before paying them! If an offer seems too good to be true, it's not!



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