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Snow, Sleet, Cold...Oh My!


Last week we looked at that all-important rainy-day fund: the money you have in a savings account ready to save the day.


For many of us across the United States, it's not raining. It's freezing!

freezing dollar

And the emergency that we were saving for is here. We are lucky to even keep the lights on.

no electricity

This all shows how important it is to have that savings account stocked. So how much is enough? Will this do it?


Or do you need this much?


How much do we need


and ready to save the day? If I thought I knew the answer, the past year has showed me that I don't. Many of us lost our jobs about a year ago, when the pandemic hit. Even so, life continued to happen. A family of skunks decides your crawl space is pretty cozy, or the car breaks down, or the washing machine starts peeing all over the laundry room.

How much do we need to take care of that popped tire?


Or Fluffy's medical bills?


Maybe 6 months-worth of your "must-haves" budget? Your "must-haves" are what you need to live and be safe, like food, rent, and medicine. Perhaps 12 months-worth would be even better? I will continue to investigate this for later posts.

Until next Saturday, Cashtoons wishes you safety, warmth, and clean water.