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Money Scripts


It could be argued that the most powerful money scripts are not cultural, they're personal. We all have a unique combination of life experiences from before we can even remember, that affect our money spending, saving and investing habits.

Did we see family members argue about money? arguments

Did we notice the stress that making or keeping money can cause?


Did we experience what it is like not to have enough food or shelter?

not enough food

Or did we feel like there would always be enough, regardless of our spending habits?

plenty of food

All our experiences make a mark on our feelings and habits around money - how to make it, when to sped it - you name it!

Thinking about why we do what we do, is the first step to identify and changing patterns that are not serving us well. Whether we think about money all the time. want money

or prefer never to think about it.

never think about money

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