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Cashtoons is now searchable!


Welcome to Cashtoons's new look! And now it's searchable!


Test it out by answering this question:

You have a homeowner's insurance plan with a coinsurance clause that kicks in if you are not insured for at least 80% of the value of your home. You bought your home 4 years ago for $440,000 and purchased insurance at $352,000, which is 80% of the value of your house when you bought it. Now your home is worth $530,000. How much will your insurance pay if disaster strikes at the price tag of 400,000?

Not sure? Enter Coinsurance in the search bar. We'll give you a second and some space, so you don't peek at the answer.


Okay, here's the answer: 352,000/424,000 * 400,000 = Your insurance will pay $332,075 (about $20,000 less than you were expecting.)

Come back next week for more on insurance!