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Why are vampires always rich?


In every vampire story, vampires are almost always rich. If they were real, this would probably be true, given that they never age.

rich vampire

Meet Eric. Your friendly neighborhood vampire.


Let's say that, for the first 50 years of his vampire life, he scrapes by the same as always, and never seems to have a penny to spare.

poor Eric

Until, one lucky day, he finds a penny on the sidewalk and decides to save it.

finds a penny

Many years of saving a penny here and there and he has $100 dollars to invest.

investing $100

He's told it will take a long time for his money to grow, so he goes on his way and forgets about it. A lot of time passes. But time is nothing to a vampire.

hour glass

200 years later, Eric wonders what ever happened to that $100?

$100 becomes $100 million

His money has grown to over $100,000,000.

Happy Eric

So humans aren't living to 200. What can this mean for us? Tune in next week to find out how much free money is locked in the years we have.



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