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October's here!


I didn't have a will until this year, when I read in Jill Schlesinger's book, "If you don't have a will, you are a bad person." She tells a pretty scary horror story about what can happen without a will.

There is a very good chance that, if you are reading this, you need a will, whether you think of yourself as having an estate or not.


  • Do you have a joint bank account? - You need a will.
  • Are you married, or do you share finances with another person? - You both need a will.
  • Do you have kids? - You need a will.

Without a will, you or your partner could be locked out of accessing your money if one of you dies. It will take time, and could be expensive just to get the money that is rightfully yours from a bank account with your name on it.

Who doesn't need a will? -kids -people with no partner, no kids, no one relying on them financially, and very few assets.

Look for more on making a will this month.


The Dumb Things Smart People do with their Money by Jill Schlessinger