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Happy National Estate Planning Awareness Month!


It's likely that you know you need a will. It is on your to-do list. You'll get to it right after you shop for insurance and lose some weight.


Please. Get to it now. Before all those other things. It is one of the most loving things you can do for the people close to you. You will save them from spending a lot of money just accessing resources that may already have their name on them.


While you do not need a lawyer for your will to be binding, most sources I've read advise that you hire one. Every state has different requirements for a will to be legal and binding.


I am all for skipping the part where I pay someone else for something I should be able to figure out, but I hired an estate planning attorney last year. It was money well spent. Most simple wills can cost between $500 to $1000. You may get a discount as a married couple drafting them at the same time.

But, just talking to a lawyer who can walk you through the process should be free.


Google: "estate planning attorney" with your city or geographic region. Look for good reviews.


This call will turn a difficult process into an easy one, and you will not have to wonder if your will is binding.


The Dumb Things Smart People do with their Money by Jill Schlesinger