Lease or Buy

July 09, 2022

Thinking about getting a new car or at least new to you?

sport car

Wondering if you should lease or buy? Most people will be better off financially if they buy. Unless you plan on buying a brand new car every couple of years, buying gives you more for your money. First of all, eventually, you actually own the car.

paid for car

Many people get used to a car payment, but if you get a reliable car and just keep it until it’s paid off, you can go without a car payment, which is also pretty easy to get used to!

Buying means no surprise fees when you give the car back!


Leasing can mean a lot of money in fees for going over mileage restrictions and more. If you do decide to lease, make sure to read the fine print! Do your homework and walk in ready to lease. Don’t switch from buying to leasing at the very end when it’s time to sign papers. A lot of tricky, expensive fees can slip in without your noticing!

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