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What are your Money Scripts?


During the last couple months Cashtoons has touched on money habits and attitudes


as well as, your financial new year's resolutions and hopes for the future.


In our financial journies, where we have been and where we are going are both a result of our money scripts, the unconscious beliefs and associations we have regarding money.

These scripts can be cultural. Growing up, did you get the feeling that those with wealth were admired?

person on pedestal

Seen as happy and free?

happy person with money

Word association game time! Money... entrepreneurial, innovative, independent, hard-working, happy, warm, fed....

happy warm cookies

giving, powerful, charitable.


Or... maybe, how people around you thought and talked about money framed wealth in a negative way. Wealth for some can be connected to want for others.

person in need

Word association game time! Money... greed, tyranny, selfishness, criminal, conflict, Scrooge,


corrupt, cold, uncaring, immoral, wasteful....

mean person with money

even, the root of all evil?


You may have grown up with a mix of both positive and negative ideas about money!

As you start the year, try to notice your money scripts without judgement. See them, not as right, wrong, true, false, good or bad. That can be a distraction from what you really want to see.


Find how money scripts inform and motivate your habits, decisions and impulses?